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From the BOD

From the BOD


Greetings Fellow Warrants,

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Here in D.C. we are supposed to be in the fall season but it seems like an extended summer that will most likely turn cold fast and push us straight into winter. We still need input for the annual meeting agenda items, we still need distinguished member nominations, and we need to get nominations for all opening officer positions which include President, Vice President of Retired Affairs, and Secretary. The annual meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Ashburn, VA from April 26th – 28th 2017. I really want to see a record setting number of members at the meeting/dinner.

If you have not sent me your email address for the President’s contact list then please take some time to send it to me. I am getting close to about 300 members email addresses so far and that is a far cry from the 3000+ members that we have in the association. Please send your contact information to and give me your name and email address so that I can reach as many members as possible. YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT!

The Steven Shields Chapter hosted the associations fall General Membership meeting in conjunction with their annual “Welcome Aboard BBQ”. The BBQ welcomes all new CWO’s to the National Capital Region and serves as a good time to get away and have a little “Professional Development” with peers. The focus of the general membership meeting gravitated towards changes to invested funds that were recommended by your Permanent Finance Committee and approved by your Board of Directors. The membership voted and we moved over $76,000 in unallocated funds to our Death Gratuity Benefit. We are also in the process of moving $30,000 worth of building funds into a higher interest bearing account and $60,000 worth of Colona funds into a new 3 year CD from a CD that expired on September 29th. Thank you everyone for the help in making these moves. You are all insuring the future of our association with very well formed investments.


Next General Membership Meeting:


Thanks to the DC Chapter for volunteering to host the CWOA Holiday party again this year on 12 December 2017. The plan will be to start the event off with a general membership meeting at 0930 in room 5J16-15 and move into some fellowship and holiday cheer. Event information is posted on the CWOA website.


Recent visit to the US Army Warrant Officer Association (USAWOA) Annual Meeting of Members:


The Vice President and I spent Friday 06 October 2017 sitting in on and learning from the USAWOA Annual Meeting of Members. We were surprised first by the corporate membership partners that showed up to their meeting, followed by the meeting topics. I would be speaking out of place if I brought most of these topics up now but one that truly inspired me was the topic on inspiring our organization. Let’s all think of inspirational ways to help our association. Let me start by having all of you stop telling our future members what it is that we do. Instead let’s tell them why we do it. Let’s ask our future members “Do you want to help represent over 6 million veterans on military and veterans benefits now and into the future?” “Do you want to help your fellow Coastie’s both locally and nationally?” “Do you want to be part of giving multiple Coast Guard dependents scholarship funds each year?” “Do you want to help drive changes with challenging topics facing the USCG Chief Warrants?” “Do you want to help to be part of something big?” Then you want to be part of the CWOA,USCG.


Finally, Great job to all members that updated their allotments to the $7 dues rate. October saw an increase of 119 members due to a very well received email that active duty members found in their inbox. We need everyone’s dues to be updated to the current rate as soon as possible because this problem is really causing us budgetary issues for planning our way into the green and out of the red. Chapter President’s please reach out to your members post haste. This year I will be asking each Chapter President to send us a verified/certified membership list so that we can cross reference with our database.




Very Sincerely,


Jared Heintz