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From the BOD


Greetings Fellow Warrants,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I will be brief in my comments as in this edition of the CWO News we are presenting the candidates for this year’s association elections as well as several ballot measures that were developed at the 2015 Annual Meeting by the Executive Committee.

First I would like to welcome back the Greater Mobile Chapter. The Executive Committee approved issuing a charter to the Greater Mobile Chapter on 23 Oct 2015. The Greater Mobile Chapter is located in Mobile, AL; Chapter President is CWO Mathew Dederick.  Association members interested in joining or finding out more information about the Greater Mobile Chapter can contact the Executive Director.

I would like to thank our candidates for volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, this year’s BOD officer elections is short 2 nominations for President. Additional information on the BOD’s course of action will be provided to the Executive Committee for distribution to their members, at a later date.

Detailed information for the 2016 ballot. The Executive Committee approved submission of the following proposed association bylaws changes to the membership for their vote:

  1. Remove references to “District” or “Area” Chapter throughout the Bylaws. The following Articles and Sections of the Bylaws should be rewritten to state:


Article I, Section 2: “The Executive Committee shall consist of the President of each Chapter, or the President’s designated representative, and all association officers.”


Article I, Section 3: “CHAPTERS.”


Article I, Section 3.a: “Eligibility for membership in chapters is set forth below.”


Article I, Section 3.a.(1): “Only members of the Association may be REGULAR MEMBERS of chapters.”


Article I, Section 3.a.(2): “Any commissioned or warrant officer of the United States Armed Forces, except active duty Coast Guard chief warrant officers may be a SOCIAL MEMBER of chapters.”


Article I, Section 3.b: “Chapters are established primarily for social purposes and group representation to the Executive Committee.”


Article I, Section 3.b: “Chapters are established primarily for social purposes and group representation to the Executive Committee.”


First sentence to Article I, Section 3.e: “A chapter may propose a resolution or motion to the Association in writing.” (remaining sentences unchanged)


Article I, Section 3.f: “The Association recognizes the right of any chapter to form an Auxiliary which will be governed by the individual chapter’s bylaws.


Last sentence of Article II, Section 2.b.(2): “The Membership Committee shall assure that the nominee is in good standing and shall return the letter of nomination to the President of the Association with a statement of offices held and committees in which the nominee participated in either the Association or chapters.”


First sentence of Article II, Section 2.b.(4): “During the Annual Meeting, the President of the Association shall chair a special committee, consisting of the Association officers, presidents of the chapters (or their designated representative), and distinguished members present.” (remaining sentences unchanged)


  1. Remove references to “National” throughout the Bylaws. The following Articles and Sections of the Bylaws should be rewritten to state:

First sentence of Article XI, Section 1: “The Association has established this certificate to provide the Association President and the presidents of chapters a means of recognizing meritorious service to the Association by members who have made significant contributions to the Association or local chapters.” (remaining sentences unchanged)
[NOTE: For Bylaws changes 3-6. Material to be added is “underscored” and material to be deleted is “lined out”]

  1. Article IV ASSOCIATION OFFICERS.Section 2.d QUALIFICATION FOR OFFICE. Change to allow BOD to solicit additional member for office of Secretary and Treasurer in the event no one in the NCR is interested in running for these offices.

2.d. Any Regular Member stationed or residing in the Washington-Baltimore areas, in good standing, shall be eligible for nomination to or hold the offices of Secretary or Treasurer. In the absence of two candidates for secretary or treasurer from the Washington-Baltimore area, the office vacancy may be opened to any regular member with the continental United States.

  1. Article IV ASSOCIATION OFFICERS.Section 3.b NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Current version can be interpreted to only allow 2 candidates for each office on the ballot. Changing the wording will allow BOD to provide more than 2 candidates for each officer position.b. Ballots containing the names of the nominees shall be mailed to the membership for vote prior to 1 January or made available for electronic voting by 1 February. The ballot shall consist of at least two candidates for each office.
  2. Article VI MEETINGS.Section 2.a. ANNUAL MEETING. Change Bylaws to allow the Annual Meeting to be held between April and May to allow more flexibility to insure a cost effective Annual Meeting.a. The Annual meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of April or May for the primary purpose of installing the Association officers, considering new Distinguished Members, announcing scholarship recipients and addressing major Association issues.
  3. Article VII VOTING.Section 2.d. VOTING PROCEDURE ON CHNGES TO THE CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS. Ballots sent out to general membership without an effective date. Allow the effective date of changes to the Bylaws to be when the ballots have been tallied and a written report has been received and accepted by the Executive Committee.d. Each proposed change to the bylaws will specify the date the change will be effective, if approved by the membership. If no effective date is specified on the ballot and the membership approves the change to the Bylaws, then it will become effective on the date the ballots have been tallied and a written report has been received by the Executive Committee.
  4. Standing Rule 4: Regular members shall pay dues at the rate of $5.00 per month. Effective 1 September 1996. Recommend increasing regular member dues to subsidize the Death Gratuity Fund.Increase the dues by $2 per month [$7 per month] dedicating $1 a month going to the Death Gratuity Fund and the remaining $6 going to the general fund.



Jared Heintz
President, Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association, USCG