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Reserve Affairs - Last updated on 10/19/2009


First and foremost, cheers to all reserve warrant candidates being considered for promotion this year. When I read the message, however, I noticed that most of you were missing your current period Officer Evaluation Report (OER), and two were also missing OERs from previous reporting cycles. That's a yellow flag on the play. I can assure you from first-hand experience that the selection board panel members will take note of incomplete documentation (among other variables) when they are making their decisions.

Thanks to LCDR Daryl Schaffer, Reserve Personnel Management Branch Chief, here is some critical OER information to pass:

Most Reserve CWOs are normally on a biennial regular OER submission schedule (on even calendar years), except when they are in-zone for promotion, then an OER is required.
Personnel Service Center (PSC) must intercept your OER no later than 45 days after the end of your marking period.

Watch the play clock - a CWO2's end of June marking means that your OER must be at PSC by 15 August; a CWO3's end of July marking means that your OER must be at PSC by 15 Sep. Then PSC sends a message 30 days in advance of the Board convening to announce the candidates eligible for consideration. This year the Reserve CWO Board convened 19 Oct.

One major improvement over last year is the implementation of the new electronic signature and submission to PSC via email which reduces lag-time, and eliminates the "dropped ball" excuse.

To many of you, I'm armchair quarterbacking, but to the rookie warrants who may be fumbling the OER pigskin, here are some tips from your teammates:

  • Keep a record of ALL your accomplishments throughout your marking period so you won't be scrambling out of the pocket on third and long. Many seasons ago, CWO Mark Taylor gave me "OER Package Setup Procedures," which I have used as my playbook for every OER I have ever submitted. It simply tells you how to set up a six-part folder to include your OER, bullets, awards, written work, original work, and miscellaneous information regarding your performance. Each unit may have its own OER setup SOP, so ask your supervisor, or contact me, and I'll send you a sample package.

  • Write your OER bullets throughout your marking period, rather than waiting until the last minute to punt when you might completely forget to mention that you patrolled a security zone to ensure safety for Super Bowl XLIII. Seriously, according to CWO Paul Kohl, always have a pen and notepad handy when you're drilling and on ADT. (It also gives you the appearance of looking as prepared as Coach Vince Lombardi.)

  • Tackle writing your own OER. Don't be modest or sell yourself short, but don't be disappointed if it gets edited beyond recognition. At least you'll be first and ten when you have a discussion with your supervisor. You'll also score extra points with your supervisor, who will appreciate the fact that you took the initiative; and it's good practice too. CWO Brian McIntyre's advice is to remember to write your accomplishments concisely, describe how well you performed them, and demonstrate their impact. Go for the touchdown - write to a mark of seven!

  • Follow up on the status of your OER. If you know it's being held by a blitzing D-lineman in your supervisor's in-box for days, there's no 10-yard penalty for sending a friendly reminder email or making a phone call to offer to help expedite the process. Follow up again, if necessary, and if you would like confirmation that PSC-RPM-1 has received your OER electronically or otherwise, you can always email or call LT Hannah Bealon at Hannah.L.Bealon@uscg.mil or 202 493-1703.

Ultimately, you are the ball carrier, and the responsibility is yours to ensure that your records are accurate and complete. Let's face it, nobody wants to be that one guy/gal on the list that doesn't make final cut. If you have additional questions or concerns, or if there is any way I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.

At your service and Always Ready,
Vice President for Reserve Affairs



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